Hoard of the Dragon Queen

To the Ruins of Thundertree


Leosin Erlanthar, a high rank Harpist received a help request from Reidoth, a Emerald Enclave fellow who lives near the Ruins of Thundertree, to fight a green dragon who was living in the fallen city and have been haunting the area and even attacked one small mining village.

Searching for fierce and strong mercenaries, Leosin was able to find two good adventurers who fit perfectly the requirements for the task. They were: Kothar, a half-orc paladin, with an uncertain past, who broke the bonds with his oath, and now tries to find a reason on his life, and Leapha, a wood elf ranger who was literally raised by wolves and now tries to see the world how it really is outside her now “not so big forest” where she lived. She is accompanied by her faithful wolf companion Mydna, who would give its life for its master without a second thought.

As the adventurers get to the ruins of Thundertree, they meet an old tall human, who introduced himself as Redoth, the one who send the help request. As he is giving the adventurers the details of the mission, he leads them to an old shack, where they meet a old elf lady called Garaelle, who is gifted with the power of the gods, and is a priest of Tymora, the goddess of luck.

After some preparation, they race to the dragon’s nest, as time is a valuable asset, and a surprise attack would be the best course of action to defeat the dragon. As they enter the nest, located in a old wizardry tower without a roof, they can see a big mass of green scales resting in a pile of gold and silver coins. The creature does not seem to perceive them as they stealthy enter the room and remains still. On one hand, the stealth plan would give the most easy battle and would reduce the chances of any fatality, on the other hand, Kothar was not much into all this silent and slow approach, and just starts running through the room in a maddening rage screaming some war orcish words that from all the people in the room, he was the only one who could understand.

As Kothar gets near the dragon, with his sword wield and his shield ready for an incoming attack, the green dragon turns to him with his big body and greeting him with a slow and soft voice. Kothar was not ready for this kind of attack and halts his attack and starts talking to the dragon. After some time talking to the dragon, who said his name was Venomfang, the two adventurers see no guilty in him enough to drive them to kill him, as though, they were paid (half on the beginning, the other half when the job was done), and Kothar had lost all the desire to fight after so long conversation and many difficult words.

Enraged, but not able to do anything, Rodeth and Garaelle leave the room, call the two adventurers and ask them to kill the dragon or return the money they were given. They accept return the money, and go back to the room where the dragon stands. Venomfang, grateful for not been killed, offers 200 gold pieces for the adventurers as a reward for his life, as he values more his life than any gold he would be able to get in his life.

Kothar and Leapha go to the pile of coins and start gathering the coins and put in their backpacks when they see that Venomfang is walking to the door, completely blocking the exit. As they stop their gold piling task and turn their faces to the dragon, the dragon adds: “And more than gold, I really value some elven slaves, specially a wood one, who I never have been able to meet in person before”. After that sentence, the dragon open his mouth and a noxious green gas fills the room and reach the adventurers. Kothar, confused and angry for been so easily deceived, but really glad that he would at least fight, and with a good reason of protecting his own life, rushes to the dragons ignoring the effects the gas would have on him. They engage in a deadly battle… the dragon could not fight on the ground against the wolf and the half-orc, not in the air against the swift arrows of the wood elf. As seeing he was losing, Venomfang tried to fly away from the battle, but Kothar was faster… and with his last javelin, he throws it with all his strength, and the javelin pierces through the dragons scale and hit is heart followed by a heavy fall to the ground.

After that day, Kothar and Leapha learned, that no matter how convincing a Green Dragon is, it is better stick to the plan, and do not listen to its deceiving words.

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